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  • My experience with iTek was really nice. I took my mother there for the cataract treatment, the doctors were very professional and helpful. Everything was very neat and clean, and the staff was very helpful as well.

  • I have always been apprehensive about visiting an ophthalmologist. The idea of someone poking my eyes scares me. But when I went to iTek, the doctors were very friendly and helped me fight my fears.

  • Excellent experience with iTek! Assistants were experienced and nice. Doctor was prompt, cordial and very professional. She explained everything to us in a way laymen would understand.

    Astha Verma
  • Before going to iTek, I was very scared of eye drops and medicines; the doctor explained me the entire process and helped me get over my fears. I am very happy with them.

  • I got my eye correction surgery from iTek. I must say, very experienced and very professional. The staff was very helpful. The doctors helped me get over my fears and calmed me down when I wasn’t too sure.

  • My son was not ready to get the eye test done and was very confused during his eye test. The doctors were professional and experienced enough to clear the doubts of my son and give the right treatment.

  • My father was detected with glaucoma last year. The doctors were very supportive and treated him well. It just was the support of the doctors who saved the eye sight of my father.

  • My 2 year old daughter had a squint. We were really scared, and thought it might stay with her forever. The doctors at itek provided the right treatment, and now, her eye is completely fine.